I edition of the workshop ‘How to formulate plastics: understanding additives, fillers and fibres’ to be held in Brussels

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On 20 and 21 November 2018, the I edition of the workshop ‘How to Formulate plastics: Understanding additives, fillers and fibres’ is going to take place in Brussels at the Leopold Hotel. Luis Roca, head of the Compounding Department of AIMPLAS, will be talking about additives, fillers and fibres and colouring plastics.

This workshop is aimed mainly to R&D, quality control or another technical positions in companies (compounders and recycling, extrusion and injection moulding companies) and fillers/fibres/additive suppliers who are interested in strengthening their knowledge in the field of polymer modification.

Thus, the workshop has several objectives: to learn more about the types of additives, fillers and fibres used in plastics, to identify the properties of plastic additives to obtain the desired properties in the final product, to prevent and solve problems related to additives, to improve product quality and finally to process and incorporate additives into polymers. Besides, the workshop will be structured in three main topics: additives, fillers and fibres and colouring plastics.

The course attendance fee is 600 € and it includes attendance, coffee, lunch and documentation and there is also a 20 % discount off on the second attendee from the same company. Registrations are already open.


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