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How to turn the Circular Economy into an opportunity for your company

Circular economy

For a long time, we have used a linear model, in which products are produced, used and then become waste. This situation is unsustainable. The system needs to change to a circular economy, which redefines the growth model by integrating environmental and economic aspects.

It proposes a continuous cycle of development in which the value of products, materials and resources is maintained for as long as possible and waste production is reduced as much as possible.

The Plastics Strategy

The first European strategy on plastics  is based on the entire life-cycle of products and processes. The strategy proposes a new circular economy that promotes investment in innovative solutions, and turns today’s challenges into opportunities.

What can my company do

The circular economy and the plastic strategy will lead to changes in the plastics industry. The legislative changes that will apply to the industry provide an opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact and increase profitability.

It is important for companies to be aware of this change of model and to start taking steps in line with the outlined strategy as soon as possible.

In this e-book, we present real solutions to apply the circular economy to your business model.


Real solutions for your company #CircularEconomy

Be one step ahead and take measures! We advise you on each opportunity and provide you with a general analysis to assess the application of the circular economy to your company.