How does finite element simulation help in the development of your product?

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Finite element simulation is a computer-aided mathematical method that allows solving differential equations related to physical issues on complex geometries, allowing to design and improve in advance products and applications in a virtual way.

This method offers the possibility to analyse any geometry regardless of its complexity, thus obtaining results accurately. For that purpose, the geometry to be studied is divided into smaller elements (joined together), resulting in a discrete domain (mesh), which leads to a discrete solution.

Benefits of structural simulation in product development

Taking into account the basic scheme of a product development project, the structural simulation of finite elements would be in parallel to the design phase. For that reason, the most important main benefit of simulation is that it allows us to know the mechanical performance of the product (displacements,  strain, stresses, etc.), helping us to optimise its geometry.

In this way, we obtain the optimal geometry that results in economic savings in production: reduction of the material used, mould design optimisation, reduction of mould modifications, etc.

On the other hand, due to the knowledge of the mechanical performance of the product thanks to structural simulation it is possible to reduce the number of validation prototypes to be manufactured in the phase of designing. This involves, in addition to economic savings thanks to the manufacture of fewer prototypes, a considerable time saving in the product development.

To sum up, the main benefits of structural simulation are:

At AIMPLAS, we have the capacities to carry out product development projects taking into account the design tasks (product design, mould design, etc.), as well as the tasks of simulation and validation of designs and/or prototypes.

Roberto Dart Andreu
Technology Operations


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