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Highly efficient heating system for electric vehicles with conductive plastic

Heating and cooling systems are very important in terms of energy consumption in electric vehicles (up to 40 % of the total energy consumption). Therefore, developing a more efficient heating system will have a huge positive impact on the energy consumption, thus allowing the increase of the distance range of the vehicle.

conductive plastics

AIMPLAS, together with other partners of the EU project JOSPEL, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement no 653851, has carried out the research tasks to develop an innovative heating system consisting of heating panels, which can be placed in different parts of the car, thus reducing the energy consumption in a 30 % compared to conventional heating systems. This system is based on the Joule effect, in which electrical conductive materials produce heat when a voltage is applied.

Conductive fillers have been introduced in the thermoplastic polymer matrix by melt compounding in AIMPLAS’ pilot plant.  According to Begoña Galindo, main researcher at AIMPLAS for the project JOSPEL, “the processing parameters are very important in order to achieve the proper electrical properties with the lowest content of conductive plastic”.

conductive plastics electric car

Innovation in the construction and automotive sectors

These innovative compounds can be used in items produced by injection moulding and extrusion for heating in vehicles and houses.

AIMPLAS is showing the results of the project JOSPEL at K Fair from 19 to 26 October (Hall 7 Level 1 stand B41).

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