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Food contact testing: the cutting-edge permeability test equipments improve the speed of results

Since late 2015, the Packaging Laboratory of AIMPLAS owns one of the most modern and sophisticated equipments in the market to carry out permeability tests. Thanks to this investment, AIMPLAS turns into the only permeability testing laboratory in Spain that has this innovative technology, which has helped to reduce up to four times the analysis times.

permeability Testing

The new acquisition has joined the wide range of equipment of AIMPLAS’ Testing Laboratory to carry out permeability tests to different gases, both on film and finished packaging. In addition, there is a human factor: a team of high-qualified experts on permeability tests that turn the service into a global assessment.

Permeability tests on packaging

The Oxygen Transmission Rate tests on film for packages that AIMPLAS carries out at its laboratories are accredited by ENAC – Spanish Accreditation Body, member of ILAC – according to ASTM D3985 and ASTM F1927. Thanks to them, AIMPLAS makes it possible for the companies to control the barrier properties. This way users and transformers can control one of the main degradation factors of products, which influences directly on their shelf life.

These tests allow specifically to determine the barrier properties that have rigid and flexible packages, as well as to perform Oxygen and Water Vapour Transmission Rate tests in sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electronic.