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AIMPLAS hosts its first international seminar on trends in antimicrobial applications on 12-13 June

antimicrobianos para agricultura y salud

In an effort to address the challenges related to health safety, AIMPLAS is organizing the first edition of a seminar on trends in antimicrobial applications for the plastics industry. The seminar will be called AMPLAST.

The fight against microbes is intensifying in different industries, especially healthcare and agriculture. Research is therefore expanding at different levels to tackle the detection, treatment and prevention of microbial diseases. The event will be held on 12-13 June at AIMPLAS and will provide an opportunity to discuss and highlight the solutions that plastics can offer these industries

The seminar structure

This seminar will be divided into two sections: one day will focus on agriculture and the other on healthcare. The first day of the seminar will centre on encouraging discussion of new challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector. It will address the importance of improving the efficacy of treatments based on fungal and bacterial biocontrol of crop diseases. Currently, one of the most promising strategies for effectively fighting plant diseases is the use of microbial and botanical substances to reduce the dependence on traditional pesticides. This approach will be fully explored in four thematic blocks on topics such as the regulatory framework and success stories that have pushed the agricultural industry towards a new paradigm of efficiency and sustainability.

On the second day, the seminar will focus on new perspectives and opportunities in the post-COVID healthcare industry, given the challenge of resistant bacteria. Discussion topics will include the implementation of advanced methods for quickly identifying bacterial outbreaks, the development of innovative antimicrobial pharmaceutical products and the creation of active materials in the plastics industry to prevent disease. The session will be divided into three thematic blocks: current challenges and the regulatory framework, antimicrobial trends and solutions, and new lines of research.