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Failures in pipes

Plastic product must pass strict quality controls and comply with the technical specifications, like the mechanical, physical or chemical ones. In spite of this, either during the process to validate the pieces, or during the use of them, innumerable problems can arise: chemical degradation of pipes, breakage of pipes and accessories, problems of fluid leakages, etc., that must be solved efficiently by manufacturer.

Why can these problems be produced?

Raw materials can be the problem: variations in the raw material used to manufacture the product (mixtures, etc.), changes of sets, incorrect selection of raw materials, additives, degradation, incompatibility between materials, pollution problems.

Failure can be also originated in the transformation process: variations in the transformation process parameters, an incorrect selection of these parameters, and variations in the processes after the manufacture of the article (impression, packaging, sealing, installation, etc.).

Appart from the raw materials and the processing, the problem can be caused by a failure in the design: defects in the form design, dimesions of the item, an incorrect selection of any parameter in the article design step (raw materials, transformation process, finishing processes, application, terms of use, etc.), incompatibility between the material of the article and the product inside it. 

Other causes of failure can be cause by the incorrect use of the product: inappropriate packaging conditions, influence on environmental variables (temperature, humidity, light, etc.), processes after the ones in which the product is submitted, influence of the installation system, pollution problems of the finished product, etc. 

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that, in many cases, it can be influenced by several factors, since the failure may not be caused by only one of the causes mentioned.

AIMPLAS offers its knowledge to companies in order to indentify the failures in pipes, and provides them advice to solve the problem.