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Biopolymers: Medical Solutions

Biopolímeros en medicina

The use of plastic materials has led to an endless number of advances in medicine, but there’s still a long way to go. Thanks to the development of new materials such as biopolymers, many opportunities for revolutionizing the healthcare industry are offered.

In an increasingly older society, degenerative disease, cancer and chronic heart disease are a scourge and a great health challenge. In this regard, the future looks bright for biopolymers, both regarding diagnosis and treatment. There are different areas of application:

  • Polymeric materials biocompatible with prostheses, orthoses and implants, where 3D printing already plays a key role.
  • Smart biopolymers, in which we obtain a response of the material to certain stimuli.
  • Coatings that modify the surface properties to give a certain functionality to its biological environment.
  • Nanomarkers with diagnostic and therapeutic activity.

If you want to find out more, download this e-book in which we tell you what biopolymers are and their different areas of application. We also provide some examples of innovative developments.

Biopolymers: medical solutions

Are you looking for innovative solutions for the medical sector?

At AIMPLAS, you’ll find all the technological support you need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by biopolymers:

  • Development of biopolymers that help to solve health problems.
  • New systems for tumour detection and diagnosis.
  • Controlled drug delivery.
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.
  • Synthesis of tailored biocompatible biopolymers and bioadhesives, including hydrogels.
  • Design and 3D printing of biological systems for prostheses, implants and simulation of injured structures.
  • Modification of surfaces for antimicrobial, antifouling and omniphobic treatments.
  • Application of sensor technology and smart electronic elements. Plastronics.
  • Compounding of pharmaceutical products.

Tell us your needs and we will help you to undertake them.