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Benefits of using recycled plastics in food packaging

The reasons to use recycled plastics in new products are many, among others environmental and economic benefits. Companies can decrease the carbon footprint of their products by using recycled plastics while the costs of material acquisition can also be reduced in some cases. The use of recycled plastics may also include other competitive advantages for companies such as improving their corporate image, green marketing and access to new markets, promoting eco-innovation and preparing for future environmental regulations within the framework of the circular economy.

Today it is possible to use recycled plastics in packaging and other products intended to be in contact with food, following a series of requirements laid down by EU legislation. The use of recycled plastics in food packaging is a novel application with enormous potential, especially if we consider that nearly 40 % of the plastics consumed in Europe are used in packaging and food packaging represents around 70 % of the plastic packaging market.

In this new scenario, it is crucial for companies in the food packaging sector to know the legislation regulating the use of recycled plastics in such applications, what requirements the suppliers must meet and what specifications customers may ask for.

For that reason, on 30 October, AIMPLAS will host a webinar where the following subjects will be discussed: EU legislation associated with the use of recycled plastics in food contact applications and how to deal with the specific requirements under this legislation. Join the webinar to discover what has to be changed, controlled, measured, analysed and registered to comply with the legislation, how to understand and identify the different situations that may arise and how to solve each one.

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