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Behaviour and compliance of thermoplastic and GFRP pipes

ensayos tuberías

The pipes transport solids, liquids and gases that may be aggressive to the material they are made of. They are also used in different environments and can be buried, used outdoors or at extreme temperatures.

AIMPLAS has a wide experience in the field of plastic pipes and helps to detect failure causes in the behaviour of pipes in service and to prepare technical sheets both of a finished product and a raw material.


Moreover, the technology centre has developed a series of procedures to identify failure and breakage causes that can appear during the use of structures designed with plastic pipes, corrugated pipes and/or GFRP, combining both analysis and tests on the material and the pipe as well as the knowledge acquired from the point of view of pipe installation.

We check that the requirements are met following the standards UNE EN 1796, UNE EN 16422 and UNE EN 13476-6, among many others. Some of the tests in which we are specialised are:

  • Identification of materials.
  • Determination of the degree of curing.
  • Stress-strain tests: tensile, flexural and rigidity, with testing equipment up to 250kN.
  • Circumferential rigidity and geometric control.
  • Calculation of densities and k values.
  • Resistance to hydrostatic pressure.
  • Failure cause analysis.
Probeta preparada para el ensayo de presión hidrostática

Test tube ready for the hydrostatic pressure test.

Do not hesitate in contacting us to solve your doubts related to any need for analysis on thermoplastic and GFRP pipes.

Sergio Mayor Aroca

Physical & Mechanical Characterization Laboratory