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AIMPLAS signs up to the ‘Operation Clean Sweep®: zero pellet loss’ initiative

AIMPLAS, within the framework of its commitment to environmental conservation, has signed up Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), a global initiative of the plastics industry to reduce the accidental loss of pellets into the environment. Its objective is ‘zero pellet loss’.

PlasticsEurope and ANAIP (Spanish Association of Plastics Industry) lead this programme in Europe and Spain respectively, which fosters the use of best clean-up and control practices in all the activities in which pellet is used. The objective is to avoid this material from ending in the environment, mainly in the aquatic environment.

The OCS Initiative offers tools to help the plastic sector, resin manufacturers, carriers and plastic converters to apply best handling and maintenance practices in their facilities in each step of the production and supply chain.

A good organisation is also important for industrial plants, as well as to implement actions to prevent, control and clean as well as to develop methods to help to minimise the generation and dispersion of particles and plastic dust.

To implement the OCS, we must take five basic steps:

  • Commit to making “zero pellet loss” a priority
  • Assess your company’s situation and needs
  • Make needed upgrades in facilities and equipment as appropriate
  • Raise employee awareness and create accountability
  • Follow up and enforce procedures