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AIMPLAS participates in a new Horizon Europe project on reusable plastic packaging

AIMPLAS participates in a new European research on reusable plastic packaging. The project BUDDIE-PACK, funded by the Horizon Europe programme, was launched on 21 and 22 September in Oyonnax (France) and is coordinated by the Industrial Technical Centre for Plastics and Composites (IPC).

This circular economy project is aiming at implementing a systemic approach for the large-scale deployment of reusable plastic packaging (RPP) based on a multidisciplinary approach combining social, technological and economic innovations. The project will take advantage of behavioural innovation to promote consumers’ acceptance of RPP by analysing drivers and analysing consumers’ psychology of reuse.

Sound synergies with technological innovations will be developed to manufacture packaging, fulfilling the demanding requirements of RPP based on innovative designs and recyclable materials. The project will focus on innovative cleaning solutions to guarantee the safety of consumers against the possible contamination and ageing of RPP during their repeated use, and the durability of their functional properties to avoid food spoilage. BUDDIE-PACK will dramatically cut down the production of single-use plastic packaging, reduce water and energy consumption, and avoid the release of microplastics into the oceans.

Viable economic models will ensure the sustainability of the proposed solutions thanks to the profitability of stakeholders throughout the value chain, including solutions based on social & solidarity economy models.


This project brings together 19 partners from 6 different countries and will take place over a period of three and a half years with a budget of nearly 7 million euros. The project consortium is made up of IPC, Trivéo, ACTIA, CTCPA, LNE, Technological University of the Shannon, AIMPLAS, Searious Business BV, Vytal Global GMBH, Eternity Systems, Uzaje, Betelgeux, Plasmion GMBH, Knauf Industries Gestion, Auzo Lagun S. Coop, Dawn Meats Group, Plasticos Vicent, Echo Brand Design and the University of Sheffield.