AIMPLAS obtains its first EFQM Excellence Recognition, in the highest category

Category: Innovation

AIMPLAS obtained the certificate: Sello EFQM 500+ (EFQM Excellence Recognition 5 stars) from Club Excelencia en Gestión, the EFQM exclusive partner in Spain for awarding EFQM Recognitions and managing the EFQM AssessBase. This multi-sector association awarded AIMPLAS the Sello EFQM 500+, the highest category for companies, which is of note, given that it was the first time AIMPLAS had applied for EFQM recognition.

Joining Club Excelencia en Gestión reflects AIMPLAS’ commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability, and provides an opportunity to learn and share good practices with other organizations to achieve excellent management that leads to better results and helps improve today’s society by providing a response to the challenges it faces. For the professionals working at AIMPLAS, obtaining this recognition, and becoming members of the association help provide recognition for their work and increase their sense of belonging to an excellent company

What is Club Excelencia en Gestión?

Club Excelencia en Gestión is the reference EFQM organization in Spain and an exclusive partner for awarding EFQM Recognitions and managing the EFQM AssessBase. It encourages the use of the EFQM Model as a tool for the transformation, training, assessment, and recognition of excellent companies that look to the future. It also offers its 245 members of different sizes and from a wide range of sectors, and society, in general, the opportunity to access an extensive catalogue of management knowledge, meet other experts, expand their networks and increase the visibility of their organizations. In its 30-year history, the association has helped hundreds of organizations and companies improve their results and become more sustainable. The association fulfils its mission of helping create a better society by promoting outstanding organizations.

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