Development of sustainable materials

Nowadays, the development of new, more eco-friendly materials is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with the Paris Agreement to combat climate change.
In AIMPLAS, we contribute to environmental sustainability from a number of different angles.

What does AIMPLAS do?

Sustainable materials

We partner companies to develop sustainable materials that give rise to longer-lasting and more efficient products from the manufacturing point of view, are less contaminating throughout their shelf life and can be reused and recycled.

In AIMPLAS, we carry out research to obtain plastic materials from renewable sources and we develop composites based on biopolymers, bioresins, fibres and natural fibres and/or additives of natural origin.

We also do research into biodegradable materials that degrade under composting conditions, thus minimising their environmental impact.

Recycling and waste recovery

We pursue a twofold objective with waste recovery: on the one hand, we contribute to minimizing landfill and, on the other, we give recovered materials a second life by using them as raw materials, thus reducing the consumption of natural resources.

In AIMPLAS, we foster the development of high added-value materials from waste through research into mechanical and chemical recycling to improve the properties of the material obtained, or to adapt them to company and/or legal specifications.

We strive to incorporate recycled materials into new applications such as food packaging, asphalt mixes, and construction elements.

We also develop technologies to decontaminate materials and carry out research to offer solutions for marine litter management.

Other lines of research

Ferran Martí

R&D Manager