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AIMPLAS to hold free webinars in June under the motto ‘Plastic reinvents itself’


In view of the current situation, AIMPLAS has organized a series of free webinars to be held in June under the slogan ‘Plastic reinvents itself’. With the aim of bringing together topics of interest to the plastics industry, a wide range of content has been included on topics related to the medical, automotive, recycling and CO2 reduction sectors.

Through the GoToWebinar website, technical experts from AIMPLAS will give these virtual meetings from 15 to 18 June from 11 to 11:30 AM. With a duration of half an hour, the opportunities offered by plastic materials will be presented.

A wide range of webinars

  1. Applications and solutions of plastics in the medical sector (15 June). Given the COVID-19 crisis, plastics have positioned themselves as the main material for both health care and personal protection (PPE). Nevertheless, and before this crisis, the medical sector was already positioned as a great opportunity in the development of new applications in this sector.
  2. Quality control in plastics for the automotive sector: coatings and emissions (16 June). The new trends in the automotive sector are going to mark new developments in both materials and coatings. For that reason, quality control is a key to achieve the objectives set, in particular in aspects such as emissions and functionality of paints and coatings.
  3. New plastic recycling technologies: chemical, biological, enzymatic and thermal (17 June). The main challenge for plastics is to achieve complete waste recovery. Mechanical recycling is undoubtedly the first option, but it does not allow all the fractions to be recycled, so it is necessary to complement it with new technologies to achieve this objective.
  4. Plastics and climate change. Reduction of CO2 emissions (18 June). Climate change is a global emergency. One of the critical factors is to reduce CO2 emissions, but also to be able to capture and use the emissions that cannot be reduced. In this sense, plastic materials have an important line of development. REGISTER HERE.