AIMPLAS extends its accreditation for artificial turf testing

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As a result of the continued collaboration with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV), AIMPLAS obtained in 2016 the accreditation from ENAC (national accreditation body) to carry out two types of tests included in the Handbook of Test Methods of FIFA’s Quality Programme for Football Turf.

In particular, the tests accredited in 2016 were:

In 2018, the laboratories of AIMPLAS passed an annual audit, conducted by ENAC, with the objective of maintaining the more than 200 current accreditations and, also extending its accreditation scope to new tests according to ISO/IEC 17025. A positive resolution of the audit allowed to obtain, among others, the accreditation for a third test related to the characterisation of artificial turf fibres, the procedure for the measurement of yarn thickness by optical microscopy.

This is a highly relevant accreditation for AIMPLAS because it does not only encourage and allow the continuation of the collaboration with IBV but it also broadens the specialisation spectrum of its laboratories. This way, the characterisation of plastic materials is covered in an increasingly comprehensive manner in a sector in which they are used on a regular basis and where a high-quality criteria of products are required.

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