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Additive manufacturing to revolutionize different sectors

Some months ago we saw how Imaginarium revolutionized the toy sector with the launch of a line of products thought to be designed by kids and elaborated by 3D printing. According to the company, kids would be able to design and customize their own toy car, necklace or bracelet by means of a website. The company will manufacture these products with PLA, thanks to 3D printers and finally, in a few days, the toys would be sent to the kid address.

This is not an isolated case, but the beginning of a line of products. Therefore, the company has announced that they want to extend the range of toys manufactured by means of this technology.

In the same line, we have had an important new today related to the building sector and the construction of the first office building in the world that is going to be printed in 3D, from the walls to the furniture. This new building will be located in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and its construction will be an 80 % cheaper than any other traditional building. In order to achieve this challenge, a 6-metre printer will be used. Moreover, materials such as plastics reinforced with fibres, glass fibre reinforced with plaster and special reinforced concrete will be chosen in this pioneer technique.

The examples that we can see on the daily news may lead us to say that additive manufacturing is already a reality in different sectors and the R&D in plastic materials for additive manufacture is going to have a crucial role in the next years.