AIMPLAS to hold 8th International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites on 1-2 March

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AIMPLAS is now working on the organization of the 8th International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites, which will be held on 1-2 March 2023. This is a consolidated seminar for a growing sector. Over 250 people attended the previous edition in March 2020, which featured more than twenty speakers. Waker, IMCD, Kompuestos, Primebiopolymers, Clariant and Asobiocom have now confirmed their support and sponsorship of the 2023 event.

International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites

The 8th International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites aims to promote discussion of the challenges and opportunities of bioplastics and sustainable biocomposites, an industry that has recorded strong growth in recent years and is forecast to triple its production by 2026. The two-day seminar has therefore been divided into four thematic sessions.

Four thematic sessions

One then one hand, the first session will address the latest developments in the bioplastics sector and analyse the main trends, including production from alternative and more eco-friendly sources that are sometimes compatible with a high biodegradation capacity and are therefore environmentally sustainable due to their source and end-of-life options.

International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites

On the other hand, the second session will discuss trends and the role of bioplastics in the future economy from a general perspective and will present success stories, as well as some of the most innovative applications in the food, construction, textile, fishing and agriculture industries.

The, the third session will focus on standardization and certification, which are particularly relevant for materials, given that ecolabels can provide the information necessary to generate trust in customers of manufacturing and supply companies.

Finally, as a new feature, there will be a fourth session on the environmental impact of bioplastics in the open environment, such as soil, river and marine ecosystems.

Two European project workshops

In addition, within the framework of the seminar, a workshop will be held on each of the R&D projects coordinated by AIMPLAS: ELIOT and BIONTOP. The ELIOT Project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative, is developing new technologies for recycling biocomposites used in the aeronautics industry at an effective cost to improve their environmental sustainability. The BIONTOP Project, funded by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking within the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is developing new low-cost ecodesigned packaging solutions for a three-part end of life: mechanical recycling, industrial or home composting, and anaerobic digestion.

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