Biodegradability and disintegration testing

Do you need to determine the biodegradability or the degree of disintegration of your products? Do your products meet compostability regulation requirements? Are your products biodegradable under aerobic and anaerobic conditions?

Bioplastic and/or compostable materials and products manufactured with bioplastics must be tested to determine and ensure their biodegradability in certain test media, such as compost, soil, aqueous media and marine environments, and to meet the specifications that will help position the products on the market.

The biodegradation tests in compost and soil, and plastic disintegration tests carried out in our laboratories are accredited by ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Body).

Determination of biodegradability and degree of disintegration of plastic materials

biodegradabilidad aerobica

Aerobic biodegradability

In AIMPLAS, we can determine aerobic biodegradability under different conditions and test media according to the following test standards:

  • Controlled composting conditions: UNE-EN ISO 14855 (part 1 and 2). Part 1 of the standard is a test accredited by ENAC (Spanish national accreditation body).
  • Soil: UNE-EN ISO 17556. This test is accredited by ENAC.
  • Aqueous medium: UNE-EN ISO 14852.

Anaerobic biodegradability

We can also determine anaerobic biodegradability under different conditions and test systems according to the following test standards:

  • Liquid: UNE-EN ISO 14853.
  • High solid content: UNE-EN ISO 15985.
biodegradabilidad anaerobica
Grado de desintegración

Degree of disintegration

In AIMPLAS, we can also establish the degree of disintegration of plastic materials under composting conditions simulated in a laboratory test. The test standard is UNE- EN ISO 20200.

Should you require tailor-made tests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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