Success stories


SWAN MEDICAL to market a more cost-effective video laryngoscope with enhanced vision


The company SWAN MEDICAL is currently involved in a prototyping and registration process aimed at marketing a plastic adapter that allows conventional laryngoscopes to be transformed into state-of-the-art video laryngoscopes at a significantly lower price.

This product successfully combines electronics and surgical equipment in a design devised by Dr. Lucas Rovira, consisting of a plastic adapter piece which, when connected to a smartphone or tablet, turns it into a high-performance video laryngoscope.

Technological partners: La Fe Health Research Institute and AIMPLAS.

SKYMARK launches a technology that removes inks and smells and thus enables printed film to be recycled

Company: SKYMARK

Skymark and AIMPLAS have developed and implemented a technology that enables printed film to be recycled after undergoing a process to remove ink and smells.
The technology, developed within the CLIPP+ project, enables the company to recycle internal waste, thus generating a film that can be used in product packaging applications for its clients, providing economic and environmental advantages.
Skymark’s commitment to reducing and reusing packaging waste together with this development were instrumental in this British company being awarded a Sustainability Award by the Italian group Sofidel, in a competition in which around 400 suppliers of the Italian group took part.

Reciclado films impreso
Faro de composites en puerto de Valencia

The Port of Valencia presents the world’s first composite lighthouse

Port Authority of Valencia (PAV)

The Valencia lighthouse is the first in the world to be built entirely with advanced composites. AIMPLAS provided technical assistance in its development and construction.
The use of composite materials brings greater environmental and economic sustainability: work can be completed more quickly, fewer CO2 emissions are generated and the impact on port operations is much lower. Construction and maintenance costs are also lower and the lighthouse has a longer lifespan.

DESSATA successfully markets its detangling brush

Company: DESSATA

The innovative design managed by AIMPLAS for the Dessata brush includes 440 highly flexible bristles with three different lengths, which prevent pulling and hair breakage during brushing.
In addition, as it has five times more bristles than its competitors it is more efficient than other brushes on the market, since it requires fewer strokes.

Cepillo Dessata
Trampa Procesan

Sansan Prodesing markets PROCESAN®: traps to treat pine processionary pests


PROCESAN® is a trap manufactured and marketed by the Valencian company Sansan Prodesing, developed to capture pine processionary moths in their caterpillar phase, a blight which has significant health repercussions throughout Europe, especially in the Mediterranean area.
The traps, developed thanks to the LIFE PISA project, with the participation and leadership of AIMPLAS, are easier to install and do not require the use of lures and insecticides.
In addition, its rigid high-security container adapts to the shape of the trunk minimizing visual impact.

ACCIONA makes asphalt from waste plastic and used tyres


ACCIONA INFRAESTRUCTURAS has obtained asphalt mixtures that are more resistant and sustainable than conventional asphalt by adding plastic waste to their manufacturing processes. Firstly, there has been a significant improvement in the resistance to plastic deformation compared to conventional asphalt mixes, and secondly, the volume of raw material used in manufacturing is reduced and waste is recovered. To validate the project, two kilometres of a section of the M-300 motorway have been paved on the access roads to Alcalá de Henares.
The POLYMIX project, coordinated by the University of Cantabria, was given the best LIFE project award in 2015 in the environmental category, and AIMPLAS and the Madrid Regional Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure were partners in the initiative.

Asfaltos con residuos plásticos

Waterbags: floating flexible containers for transporting water by sea

Company: RINA

The key to the success of this flexible container for transporting large quantities of water by sea to areas with supply problems is its modular design.
The container has a high-performance zip system that adapts the payload capacity and improves resistance to breakage. These waterbags, designed by the company RINA, have been developed as part of the REFRESH XXL project, in which AIMPLAS has participated in a consortium made up of six international companies (Tecnodimension, Industrial Sedó, Ziplast, Safibra).
This container can be transported by conventional tugboats, which is a more sustainable alternative than other supply systems such as tankers and desalination plants. In addition, costs are reduced by 50-75%. 

Marketing of compostable nets for citrus fruit, potatoes, onions and shellfish

Companies: ECOPLAS, CMSA

CMSA and ECOPLAS, in collaboration with AIMPLAS, have developed more sustainable compostable nets for the packaging of agricultural products and shellfish.
This product provides a solution to the difficulties of separating the nets from the food when it has expired and to the complexity of recycling this product.
These nets can be composted industrially and become fertilizer for plants in less than six months, thus returning to the crop cycle of the agricultural products they initially contained.


URBANA IDR launches SURI, a shelter unit that can be quickly assembled and easily transported


SURI is a low-cost modular transition shelter that was created to respond to emergency situations such as natural disasters and wars. The module has now been adapted to include other applications such as housing, storage, campsites and events.
Its “Cradle to Cradle” design, in which all the materials are recyclable, reusable or biodegradable, makes it an environmentally friendly unit.
It is light, resistant, and easy to transport and assemble. It provides comfort and habitability improvements aimed at increasing the quality of life of its inhabitants.
The design and functionality of this shelter are achieved thanks to plastic materials, and this is the area in which AIMPLAS has worked with the company URBANA IDR to make its development a reality.

ACTECO implements a new technology for recycling plastics that have contained hazardous substances

Company: ACTECO

A new recycling technology has been developed which decontaminates plastic containers that have contained hazardous substances such as organic solvents and plant protection products. The effectiveness of the new technology used by ACTECO is 70% higher than that of conventional washing processes, with up to 86% of certain pollutants being removed. In addition, the process is more efficient as it uses less water and electricity and requires fewer cleaning agents during recycling.
The new recycled material can be used in the manufacture of new containers for transporting non-hazardous and low to moderately hazardous substances.


ADAPTA COLOR expands its product range with insect repellent powder paint


AIMPLAS has partnered with the Castellon-based company Adapta Color, S.L. in the development of a new generation of paints containing insect repellent.

The product is intended to coat outdoor surfaces, from furniture to walls, and its effectiveness can last for over two years.

DENTAL ASPE successfully markets RONCOFER: an anti-snoring solution


DENTAL ASPE, in collaboration with AIMPLAS, has developed the Roncofer anti-snoring device.
Manufactured using EVA, this device is a state-of-the-art dental appliance that has been patented all over the world.
Its success lies in its physiological design that makes it easier for users to tolerate and it has no side effects. In addition, this solution is very competitively priced compared to other products on the market.

The company was advised by AIMPLAS both in the design of the medical device as well as in the choice of the best materials and manufacturing process.

blindaje ligero embarcaciones

Safer and more sustainable boats thanks to new lightweight armour


We have developed lightweight armour that enhances the safety of boats and also has better corrosion resistance.
This more sustainable solution also saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions by 20% thanks to the reduced weight.
ASTILLEROS SANTA POLA was awarded the JEC Innovation Award in the sailing category, one of the most prestigious international recognitions for the innovative efforts of companies in the sector.

BERLÁ markets recycled rubber bollards

Company: BERLÁ

The bollard marketed by BERLÁ is the first recycled rubber bollard that uses an innovative and environmentally sustainable system containing up to 89% of recycled materials taken from end-of-life tyres.
Test results have shown that this bollard is four times safer than a steel bollard in the event of an accident involving cyclists or pedestrians.
In addition, this bollard is more flexible, so it produces less friction when it comes into contact with vehicles and minimises damage to bodywork.