Raw materials

AIMPLAS provides solutions to the main challenges facing raw material companies

Synthesis of innovative polymers

Development of tailor-made materials

Product manufacture and validation

Formulation of composite materials

Our solutions

Synthesis of new polymers

  • Specialized polymer synthesis.
  • Tailor-made polymers, scaled from 0.1 to 10 kg.
  • Process development by synthesis in dissolution or reactive extrusion.
  • Process optimization, including purification processes.
  • Synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles (SOL-GEL method and surface functionalization).
Síntesis de polimeros

formulation of new materials

  • Development of materials with advanced properties (thermal and electrical conductors, flame-retardant, active, pest and insect repellents, anti-microbial…).
  • Tailor-made compounds. Small batch production.
  • Formulation optimization and adjustment.
  • Ensuring plastic material compatibility.
  • Inclusion of new additives and fillers in plastics.
  • Study of fibre and filler dispersion.
  • Simulation of the extrusion process in a double-screw co-rotating extruder: optimization of the production and configuration of the screw. Upscaling from pilot plant to industrial extruder.

Product manufacture and validation

  • Manufacture of prototypes, demonstrators and pre-series in pilot plants (film extrusion, lamination, profiles, thermoforming, injection, blowing, lamination, printing, 3D printing…).
  • Final product characterization (mechanical, physical, chemical, thermal, optical properties, climate testing, etc.).
  • Compliance with product regulations and legislation.

formulation of new materials.

  • Selection of reinforcements, resins, fillers and additives for different applications, including advice on formulation, processing tests and validation of the final product. Biomaterials.
  • Mould design, process optimization and obtaining parts that conform to specifications in pultrusion and resin-transfer processes (RTM, RTM-Light and infusion).
  • Obtaining prototypes from SMC and Prepregs, material selection to comply with specifications.
  • Development of solid surface formulations to enhance the properties of products with high levels of inorganic fillers.
  • Inclusion of nanomaterials in formulations and obtaining prototypes. Property characterization.

Our projects



Eco-friendly alternatives for polymers and their chemical additives in aquatic environments


Industrial research of natural-fibre biocomposites with flame-retardant properties for the rail sector



Development of PHB-based nanocomposites obtained through sustainable production methods for high-performance applications

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