AIMPLAS provides solutions to the main problems facing furniture companies.

Environmental impact

Materials with advanced properties

Functionality issues

Our solutions for the furniture sector

Development of more sustainable products

  • Ecodesign to develop products that are easily recyclable, and product recyclability studies
  • Inclusion and compatibility of recycled plastic materials, including plastic waste (agglomerate, sheets, profiles).
  • Environmental impact assessment (Carbon footprint, LCA).
  • Development of biocomposites and plastic materials from renewable sources.
  • Wood-plastic composites and natural fibre composites.

Advice on improving properties

  • Control and characterization of plastics in the construction industry: mechanical and thermal properties, ageing…
  • Advice on the causes of failure, breakage, colour changes, degradation, installation issues, etc.
  • Enhanced properties by combining polymers, additivation and/or polymer modification.
  • Technical reports for arbitration and expert reports.
  • Training on materials, processes and plastic material characterization.

Materials with advanced features for street furniture

  • Development of flame-retardant plastics.
  • Development of functional surface finishes: anti-scratch, anti-vandalism, ultra-hydrophobic, self-cleaning, etc.
  • Plastics with antimicrobial and pest and insect repellent properties.

Our projects



Incorporation of insecticides and repellents in plastic matrixes to obtain foamed materials



Development of rough-finished plastic profiles using natural fibres

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