Advanced Polymer Materials & Composites

Materials are a key element in industrial innovation. In AIMPLAS, we help companies develop materials that incorporate new properties and offer better performance, thus creating safer products that are more competitive, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

What does AIMPLAS do?

Thermoplastic and thermosetting materials with advanced properties

In AIMPLAS, we work to incorporate advanced properties such as electrical and thermal conductivity, and fire and high barrier resistance into both plastic and composite materials.

We develop smart materials in which properties are modified in a controlled and reversible process, through the effect of external stimuli such as light, temperature, and electric and magnetic fields.

We carry out research to obtain materials with active additives that provide antimicrobial, antioxidant, biocidal and insecticide properties, among others.

New materials for additive manufacturing processes

We provide our in-depth knowledge in plastic materials to add maximum value to technologies such as 3D printing. We also optimize the processes required to obtain filaments and powder for FDM and SLS technologies.

Functional coatings

Thanks to functional coatings, we can develop self-cleaning, anti- fouling, anti-icing and anti-scratch properties, among others, to be applied to almost all market sectors.

We also improve the tribological properties of materials in order to create more resistant, longer-lasting products.

Replacement of traditional materials

We look for alternatives to the use of traditional materials so plastic materials and composites can create products which offer better performance, with a lower consumption in their manufacture and are more sustainable during their entire shelf life.

Other lines of research

Ferran Martí

R&D Manager