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Recycling is a key sector for the plastics industry, and is especially relevant in order to move towards the circular economy both in Spain and in Europe.

The plastics industry is exposed to constant change as a result of growing environmental and quality demands, made by processing companies and end users.

AIMPLAS offers solutions for companies to turn this change into opportunities that contribute to improve their efficiency, reduce their environmental impact and increase their cost-effectiveness.

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Our solutions

  • Use of recycled material for food contact: authorization and/or functional barrier.
  • Audit on the use of recycled materials.
  • Assistance on product legislation compliance in the use of recycled materials.
  • Improvement of product recyclability.
  • Ecodesign and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  • Ecolabelling of recycled products »
  • Assistance in industrial symbiosis.
  • Mechanical, physical, thermal and chemical characterization of plastic waste and recycled plastics according to EN, ISO and ASTM standards.


  • Recycling plant with a treatment capacity of 30 to 100 kg/h.
  • Grinding, washing and drying of plastic waste.

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Research into decontamination and purification operations of sustainable plastic materials during their processing



Obtaining high-quality methylal from non-recyclable plastic waste via an improved Catalytic Hydro-Gasification Plasma(CHGP) process



New approaches for the recovery and transformation of urban bulky waste into high added value recycled products

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