Reactive extrusion

REX is a process that employs an extruder, normally Co-TSE as chemical reactor instead of a typical steel vessel, joining mixing, devolatilization and chemical reaction in one step. Reactions like polymerization, compatibilization, backbone functionalization or controlled degradation are the most usual applications.

Our Solutions

REX is a complex process that requires of a deep study of the reaction and its conditions, the main factors to be controlled will depend on each type of reaction but can be summarized in:

  • Residence time and screw profile to match the kinetics of the reaction.
  • Feeding protocol of each reactive in order to ensure that reaction take place.
  • Temperature control.
  • Devolatilization of undesired by-products.
  • Accurate feeding of liquids and solids in order to reach the appropriated Stoichiometry.

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Technical Support

We can help you through our following capacities:

  • Synthesis of polymers at pilot plan scale in batch and reactive extrusion.
  • Reactive compatibilization of two polymers.
  • To adapt a batch reaction polymerization to Reactive extrusion process.
  • To ensure a complete reaction in Co-TSE by modifying screw profile and processing parameters.
  • To Scale up the process at industrial facilities.

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