Processing of advanced composite materials

One of the main advantages of composites or polymer-matrix composite materials is that they produce light parts with optimum mechanical properties. As a result, composites have numerous advantages in a wide range of applications in the aeronautical, construction, automotive, shipbuilding, and sports industries, to name just a few.

They can be used to create highly precise, complex shapes, and have excellent resistance to degradation and corrosion.

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Our solutions

  • Resin transfer processes: mould design and sensor implementation in moulds to optimise the RTM process.
  • Pultrusion: selection of materials, product design, validation in a pilot plant, application of UV-cured coatings and application of gel-coat on the production lines.
  • Compression processes: obtaining prototypes, selection of raw materials to meet final product specifications and the development of biocomposites.
  • Solid surface: improvement of properties by developing formulations and incorporating nanoparticles.
  • Non-conventional curing of thermosetting resins: microwave and UV radiation. Adaptation of this technology to different processing types: RTM, infusion, pultrusion, etc.
  • Polyurethane foaming.
  • Flame retardancy of polymer matrices.
  • Biocomposites: adaptation of production processes and optimisation of properties.
  • Recovery of end-of-life tyres and other thermosetting polymers by developing new manufacturing processes.
  • Chemical characterisation of thermosetting matrices.
  • Physico-mechanical characterisation of thermoset composites.
  • Recyclability studies and reuse of waste thermosetting materials.
  • New technologies and improved processes for occupational safety.


  • Polyurethane dosing and mixing
  • Solid surface formulation
  • Compression moulding pilot plant

Our projects

blindaje ligero embarcaciones


Reducing the weight of armoured patrol boats using composite materials



Innovative rubber sintering process for recycling used tyres to make eco-friendly street furniture



Technological development of new advanced biocomposites

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