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IVACE Action Plan 2017: complementary activities for technology centres



Funding non-economic R&D activities that help AIMPLAS to position itself as a benchmark technology centre for the Valencian Region’s manufacturing industries.


The Action Plan is framed within AIMPLAS’ strategic framework.

Actions implemented:

a) Work to identify, analyse and define AIMPLAS’ R&D lines.

I. Development of the new lines included in AIMPLAS’ R&D strategic plan for the period 2018-2020.

II. Knowledge creation groups in AIMPLAS.

III. Participation in networks, technology platforms and other forums.

IV. Meetings with agencies to promote R&D.

b) Activities to generate knowledge and technology: cofinancing of LIFE projects, in particular the EU Programme for the Environment and Climate Action, and “Retos Colaboración”, organised by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

c) Activities to publicise the research results in a non-discriminatory and non-exclusive manner: participation in forums, workshops, and technical and specialist congresses, etc. to disseminate the results of the research conducted by AIMPLAS.

d) Knowledge transfer activities.

e) Activities to improve research infrastructure

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