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Industrial implementation of a biodegradable and compostable flat micro-irrigation system for agricultural applications

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The main objective of this project is to launch new micro-irrigation systems that are 100% compostable onto the market as a solution to manage plastic and green waste in composting plants at the end of the crop period. The new system will not require the separation or the burning of the pipes and will be green waste.


The system to be developed in DRIUS will mainly be applied to small plants such as strawberries and tomatoes with short cultivation periods of less than a year. DRIUS is the continuation of a previous project called HYDRUS, where new biodegradable micro-irrigation pipes were developed and satisfactorily manufactured in industrial extrusion lines. The main focus of the present project is to manufacture biodegradable drippers by injection to obtain the complete system.



Project partners:

1 research centre and 3 companies

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