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Development of innovative plastic structures for aquaculture using crop waste as a reinforcement filler

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To design, produce and optimise innovative aquaculture structures (rafts for mollusc farming, flotation rings & devices for sea-based fish farms, tanks for land-based fish farms) using a new plastic composite reinforced with a specifically developed organic filler (crop waste) for applications which are in permanent contact with water.


The project combines two completely different waste flows (plastic and crop) to produce new aquaculture structures. The project solves the problems associated with rafts and other wooden structures that are in permanent contact with water, such as reduced mechanical properties (due to the effects of water) and rotting. It is also an economically viable solution for crop residues, using them as fillers in the manufacture of this new plastic composite. The new composite is 100% recyclable.


Project partners:

2 technology centre, 2 universities and 10 companies

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