Why HDPE has changed the automotive industry

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Polietileno Alta Densidad en coches

The automotive industry, one of the most competitive and innovative ones, has enjoyed for years the benefits that plastics offer when manufacturing vehicles. Nevertheless, is in the last decade when there has been an authentic revolution in the use of these materials. In particular, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), also used in sectors, such as aeronautical, nautical and rail ones, is one of the plastics with more uses in the automotive industry. Other materials used are ABS or polypropylene

Today we know that, combined with other materials, plastics can decrease the weight of many parts of cars up to 70 %. In addition, they decrease emissions and the fuel consumption. It is a waterproof material resistant to climatic conditions. 

Uses of HDPE in the automotive sector 

On the one hand, the advantages of HDPE are used for manufacturing basic componentes in vehicles. With this thermoplastic materials and together with polypropylene, so many products are manufactured: batteries, different kinds of tanks (oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, etc.), interior linings, bumpers, seats, storage inner compartments, trims, etc. 

On the other hand, other accessory components, such as inner and outer protective covers and fixing elements benefit from its resistance and flexibility. 

Advantages over metal and other materials 

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