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Tests for packs type tub or tray pelable

There is not specific product legislation in which parameters to be checked or the requirements to be complied with for packs type tub or tray pelable are described. So, controls to be done about this product will be selected according to the function that this package must comply with.

The main proposed tests for this kind of products would be the resistance to compression, to free fall, to peeling, to film puncture (cover) and leakage detection.

The resistance to compression allows checking the resistance of the stacking package (e.g. during the storage and distribution) and is determined according to the UNE-EN ISO 604:2003 legislation.

A test of resistance to free fall impact is carried out in order to evaluate the package behavior when it tips over, for example from the lineal of purchase.

For example, resistance to peeling allows determining the ease of opening cover.

Test of resistance to film puncture (cover) is performed in order to evaluate the resistance of covers to possible accidental perforations, according to UNE EN 14477:2004 legislation.

We can evaluate possible sealing defects or existent porous in the package (leakage detection) in different ways: according to ASTM F1929-2012 (penetration of the dye solution method), ASTM F2095-2013 (through the introduction of air pressure), ASTM F2096-2011 (introduction of air pressure in the package immersed in water in order to evaluate the generation of bubbles), etc.