Fifth Edition of Compounding Workshop “The Art of Mixing, Reinforcing and Incorporating Additives to Plastics” to Be Held at AIMPLAS Facilities

Category: Plastics industry training and events

On 12 and 13 May 2020, the fifth edition of the compounding workshop The Art of Mixing, Reinforcing and Incorporating Additives to Plastics will be held at the AIMPLAS facilities in Valencia, Spain. AIMPLAS researchers Luis Roca and Vanessa Gutiérrez will lead the workshop on the latest innovations in the field of compounding.

This workshop is designed for companies interested in increasing their knowledge of compounding, particularly with regard to techniques such as plastics mixing, reinforcing, additivation and co-rotating twin screw extrusion, and with a special interest in screw design, control processes, describing co-rotating twin screw extrusion and troubleshooting, as well as practical training.

Therefore, the workshop has several objectives. First, to identify essential concepts for optimum mixing of each compound. Second, to determine the most appropriate equipment for each process. Third, to design a new compounding process and control key parameters in compound production in order to optimize production.

This activity will take place at the AIMPLAS facilities in Valencia (Spain). Further information and registration here.

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