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7 previous steps to CE Marking of plastics tanks and sewage treatment plants

AIMPLAS carries out the tests required for the CE marking of plastic tanks and sewage treatment plants, since it is notified by the Ministry of Industry as a Notified Body no 1842.

Which are the previous steps to conducting tests for CE marking of tanks and sewage treatment plants?

The company has to provide some data for AIMPLAS to carry out the conformity verification:

  1. Available range or ranges of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.
  2. For each range indicate the models/ capacities of the tanks/treatment plants of what it is expected to obtain the certification.
  3. 3D design for the tank/treatment plant of largest capacity of each range. If it is not available, provide a 2D plan in CAD or similar format.
  4. The company must send to AIMPLAS a tank of each kind or a flat rolled or a sheet of similar composition to that formed by the tank with largest capacity (approximately 50x50cm) and the tank/treatment plant installation standards supplied by the manufacturer.
  5. Test run after corresponding budget and report issue of the product type.
  6. In case that a test determining the cleansing efficiency is needed for sewage treatment plants, it must be requested to CENTA (Sevilla).
  7. Elaboration of the declaration of performance by the manufacturer, from the template product report issued by the Notified Body.