Research and Development on Electrical and Electronics

Do you need to improve the properties of your parts? We have more than 20 years of experience in the plastics sector and put at your disposal the necessary technology and know-how to enable you our assistance in the increase of the thermal resistance of your parts, their flame retardant properties or their electrical conductivity (antistatic properties and electromagnetic shielding).

Benefit from the technological developments, successfully advanced by AIMPLAS in the last months, and implement them in the manufacture of electric domestic appliances of consumer electronics or domestic appliances, cables, technical parts or electric lighting.

Replacement of metal by plastic material, non-halogenated materials, improvement of surface properties of domestic appliances (anti-scratch effect) or new functions (insecticide action, antimicrobials), assessment of waste materials...

Technical assistance

Reduce manufacturing costs of technical parts, such as light switches, multiple plugs or extension flexes, by 30%! Minimize your raw material costs by incorporating filler materials! Our experts assist you to obtain the properties, which your product need and at the lowest costs.

AIMPLAS also offers you customised solutions for cables and wires. Save raw material, improve the insulation properties or use recycled material using conduits and ducts with foam!

Solve technical problems that might occur in relation with your product (rupture, degradation, fabrication problems) within short time! Let us know about your requirements and we will give you the solution that best adjusts to your needs.

Analysis and testing

Cables, technical parts, lighting, consumer electronics or domestic appliances... AIMPLAS carries out the analysing and testing of any material and plastic product that is used in the electrical-electronic sector.

Our laboratory for the plastic sector has the widest range of ENAC accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17025 in Spain.


We offer you a wide spectrum of training courses for the plastics sector. Conferences, seminars, workshops and courses of different modalities: face-to-face, customised (in your enterprise or in the AIMPLAS facilities) and on-line.

Materials, properties, characterisation, transformation processes (injection, extrusion, compounding, composites, etc.). All necessary formation skills of the entire value chain are included.

Learn about our offer of conferences and courses: www.formacion.aimplas.es

Competitive intelligence

We assist you in being updated with everything that happens in your business sector (industrial development, raw material prices, financial aids and subsidies, legislation, events, etc.) using a customised supervision system.

AIMPLAS offers you the information that you need for your strategic decision making, we help you to control information in relation with your competitors or pass you the information that you need for the start of your internationalisation process.

Moreover, we provide you a system to manage the development of innovative ideas in your company.