Compliance with legislation

Any company that works with plastic products needs to be adapted to the current legislation. For that reason, AIMPLAS offers customized assistance to companies in the food and construction sectors, among others, so that they can comply with the different standards and protocols on plastics.

Areas of technical advice for compliance with plastic product legislation

Plastic in contact with food

Personalised advice for manufacturers and users of food contact materials and articles: review of Declarations of Conformity to establish and optimize the tests required to demonstrate compliance with legislation; migration tests; interpretation of results; resolution of legal-related queries.

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Recycled plastic in contact with food

Advice on the cases in which recycled plastic can be used in contact with food and how to verify compliance with the relevant legislation to ensure food safety.

Hygiene protocols and good manufacturing practices in food-grade plastic industries

Advice and implementation of the necessary systems for plastic packaging manufacturers so they can demonstrate that manufacturing is carried out according to the main quality, hygiene and food safety requirements, either through internal good manufacturing practice systems or voluntary protocols such as BRC/IoP Packaging, IFS Pac Secure and FSSC 22000.

REACH Legislation and CLP

Advice on how the REACH Regulation affects companies and what they need to do to comply with it. This regulation controls the circulation of substances, mixtures and articles in the EU. Review of documentation and management of the necessary tests to verify compliance.

Advice on the correct classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) of the substances and mixtures that companies use and market.

Review of safety data sheets.

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Construction Directive

Tests for CE marking of sanitaryware (bathtubs, sinks, washbasins, shower trays and bidets), grease and hydrocarbon separators and waterproofing sheets.
Advice on harmonized standards applicable to other construction products, compliance assessment system requirements, required test reports, required content for technical documentation, labelling and declaration of performance.

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Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

Advice on the requirements to be met by companies that produce packaging, pack their products or receive packaged raw materials: compliance with legislation (heavy metals, hazardous substances, minimization, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and/or energy recoverable), occupational health and safety plans and the drawing up of declarations of conformity.

Compliance with legislation and environmental procedures

Advice on the environmental legislation applicable to each company taking into account their location, type of activity, etc. Assistance with environmental procedures.

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Adaptation of products to legislation and/or regulations

Technical advice on the legislation and/or regulations applicable to a specific product, taking into account the type of product, the area of application, geographical criteria, etc.

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Companies must abide by the law and therefore compliance with legislation is essential when undertaking any business activity. Ignorance of the law that affects the business areas of a company does not exempt it from compliance, hence the importance of being constantly up to date with the legal provisions that affect our products and processes.

  • Firstly, inspections carried out by the competent authorities are common in many sectors and non-compliance with the legislation in force may have consequences ranging from minor issues, such as a non-conformity in the quality system, through to serious matters such as fines or, in extreme cases, the closure of the company.
  • On the other hand, end customers are increasingly demanding requirements which often involve not only compliance with the legislation in force for a specific product, but also compliance with regulations which are not strictly applicable, such as the legislation in force in other countries and non-binding recommendations.

Latest legal changes

Due to the large number of products and areas of application, plastic product and material legislation is subject to constant review and change.

For example, the existing European legislation on plastic that comes into contact with food was published in 2011 (Regulation (EU) 10/2011), but since then different amendments have been enacted that have modified the main text. The last of these, published on 28th April 2017, substantially modifies the content of the text and must therefore be taken into account in order to ensure that the packaging placed on the market is safe.

Another example are restrictions on the marketing and use of certain substances published in the framework of the REACH Regulation, such as restrictions on inorganic ammonium salts used in cellulose insulation mixtures or cellulose insulating articles, which came into force in July 2018.

Other examples include:

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