Gas adsorption analysis

Here at AIMPLAS we have a volumetric adsorption analytical instrument that we use to carefully study the adsorption/desorption capacities of materials when they come into contact with any non-corrosive gas. Our current set-up consists of two material preparation/regeneration units, along with two parallel working stations that allow for the optimisation of workflows.

Volumetric adsorption analytical instrument

The adsorption analyser can determine the following properties:

  • Evaluation of specific surfaces, using the BET method to measure the specific surface area.
  • CO2 adsorption/desorption isotherms.
  • Adsorption of any non-corrosive gas.
  • Adsorption selectivity between different gases (IAST method).
  • Adsorption kinetics.
  • Determination of micropore (t-plot, Dubinin-Radushkevich, Horvath-Kawazoe, and Saito-Foley methods) and mesopore (BJH and DH methods) size/distribution.
Analizador adsorción gases


This equipment has multiple applications in different areas. For example, in the automotive and transport industries, it is extremely useful in the development of materials and filters that adsorb certain pollutants. In food packaging, it can be used to characterise active adsorption systems for ethylene, oxygen, and other gases that are responsible for the shelf life of foods. It is also important for the development of materials to control industrial emissions of greenhouse gases like CO2 and CH4 and for optimising catalysts for chemical industry operations by determining their active surface and porosity.

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