Coatings tests

Paints and coatings do not simply provide the aesthetic finish of a part, but are also used to provide special protection or functionality to the part they coat. It is therefore important to characterize them and evaluate their durability in terms of their use and the passage of time.

Characterization tests on coatings

At AIMPLAS, we perform a wide range of tests on coatings to help our clients guarantee the quality of their painted products:

  • Degree of cure and composition analysis, which are important in paint formulation.
  • Measurement of surface tension and layer thickness to ensure the paint effectively covers the part.
  • Adherence assessment to determine the quality of the bond between coating and substrate. Find out more »
  • Mechanical tests to assess the elasticity and impact resistance of the paint layer. Find out more »
  • Measurement of colour and gloss to guarantee the visual appearance required by the model or reference it imitates. Find out more »
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance tests to evaluate the coating’s general and surface wear. Find out more »
  • Weathering and accelerated ageing tests to check the coating’s durability against external agents such as high and low temperatures, moisture and light radiation. Find out more »
  • Chemical resistance testing to ensure the paint layer is not damaged if it comes into contact with chemical substances during its shelf life.
  • Fire resistance tests to comply with specific safety regulations based on the final application of the painted part.
  • VOC emission testing on painted parts used in vehicle interiors to guarantee air quality and the lack of unwanted odours inside the vehicle. Find out more »
  • Microscopic surface and defect analysis to detect any external contamination sources, errors in the painting process or defects in the substrate surface. Find out more »

Our analysis and test laboratories boast all the equipment, experts and expertise needed to perform characterization tests on coatings. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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