Plastic Product Design and Development

product design and developement

In the last years, the innovation in product development includes very often the incorporation of plastic materials for their fabrication. This kind of initiative requires a technical qualified support, to be able to come up with an idea on the market and thus, guarantee its future industrial feasibility.

An important role plays the technological support of experts in design, materials and production, to guarantee this process.

AIMPLAS can assist you in different phases of the product design and development process:

  • Product design
  • Determination of strategies of product diversification
  • Ecodesign
  • Materials and suppliers selection
  • Formulation of materials (material mixtures, recycled materials, fillers, additives, ...)
  • Adaptation to the production process
  • Prototyping  and production of pre-series
  • Competitive Intelligence (patents, search for new markets...)