Reduction of manufacturing costs

We provide technical advice aimed at increasing the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process, reducing waste, saving time and eliminating stages that do not add value to the products. This methodology has already been applied in many plastic industry companies, achieving cost savings of up to 20%.

Our methodology is the result of nearly 30 years of experience in providing technical advice to companies about the plastic industry’s main production processes including extrusion, injection, compounding and composites.

The cost reduction process consists of two phases:

Internal diagnosis

The first one is focused on an internal diagnosis that analyses all the manufacturing phases: raw materials, equipment, maintenance, productive processes, final product and human resources.

Implementation of detected improvements

After the diagnosis, the second phase implements the improvements detected to optimise all the processes, taking into account aspects such as the reduction of waste, reduction of machine downtime, elimination of unproductive labour times, elimination of operations that do not add value and increase manufacturing costs, optimisation of processing parameters, process automation, identification of production bottlenecks and the reduction of the non-conforming product ratio.

AIMPLAS can also guide companies in the implementation of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies to create more efficient processes.

In short, the aim is to apply these improvements swiftly to generate immediate results for companies.

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