Product and process improvement

Would you like to enhance the properties of your products?

Would you like to reduce product costs?

Would you like to optimize production process times?

Do you need to introduce Industry 4.0 technologies in your company?

Our expertise and capacity for innovation are the best recipe for assisting you with product improvements and the optimization of transformation processes. These changes can represent important benefits for your company, in terms of raw materials and cost savings, and the reduction of times.

Our pilot plants allow us to collect real data on your processing parameters to ensure that your manufacturing plant works optimally on a large scale. We can help you without using large amounts of materials, thus preventing machine downtimes and limiting technical and economic risks.

We also advise you on enabling technologies to help you implement Industry 4.0 in your company.

Product and process improvement can focus
on different areas:

  • Ecodesign.
  • Set-up and optimization of production lines.
  • Analysis of causes of failure.
  • Reduction of product costs (formulations with low-cost mineral fillers, optimization of part design, replacement of additives, use of recycled materials).
  • Improvement of product properties (mechanical and aesthetic properties and increased functionalities).
  • Product weight reduction (redesign, foaming, change of material, reduction of thickness).
  • Definition of process control plans.
  • Implementation of Industry 4.0.

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