Legislation and standards

Assistance in legistlation in plastics

Do you need any assistance in relation with standards? Are you updated with the latest legislations of plastic products? Are you prepared for any possible changes in legislation?

Companies are obliged to comply with the legislation. Nevertheless, there are plenty of laws, thus, enterprises are not conscious about all their obligations and this could cause an infringement of law. Situations like these could have serious impacts, such as penalties or even the cessation of the activity in extreme cases.

Our experts from AIMPLAS assist you in the legislation of plastic materials that affect your business sector to guarantee an adequate compliance with the prevailing legislation. Furthermore, we are always updated with legislative novelties and support you in being better prepared for future changes.

We offer you customised audits to assure the compliance with the legislation in your enterprise, including audits to suppliers, documentation control, adaptation of products to legislation and/or applicable standards, control plans as well as product validation and certification.

The areas of application of this service include:

  • Compliance with the legislation of plastics in contact with food
  • Hygiene protocols and good manufacturing practice in the plastics industry for the use of food
  • REACH legislation
  • Construction directive
  • Packaging directive
  • Compliance with the legislation and environmental procedures
  • Adaptation of the product to the legislation and/or standard

AIMPLAS provides enterprises with the corresponding tools to control the compliance with DSI Legislation, a product that helps you to comply with the legislation related to plastics in contact with food, environment and REACH.