Failure analysis

failure analysis

Frequently plastic articles or products have to undergo very strict quality controls and fulfil technical specifications of physical, mechanical or chemical characteristics, etc. Numerous problems might occur during the validation process of the parts or during their use, thus, manufacturers have to solve them in the most efficient way. AIMPLAS provides all the know-how and specialised resources to identify the cause of the failure and to assist you in the solution of your problem.

The main areas of expertises of AIMPLAS are:

  • Pipes and tubes as well as accessories for the canalization of water, gas, chemical products, wiring, etc.
  • Storage tanks of water, chemical products, food, including sealing and coating of materials of tanks
  • Sheets for waterproofing
  • Injected or blow-formed pieces
  • Films and flexible packaging
  • Adhesion of coatings
  • Surface finish on injected pieces
  • Appearance of unwanted odours