Expert reports and arbitrations

expert reports

For any expert report or arbitration of the product or its process, you can rely on AIMPLAS. We work in all areas that are connected to the plastics industry, with the aim to resolve conflicts between suppliers and customers or even as a party in court proceedings.

Therefore, our experts participate with their know-how and wide experience in any type of transformation process of plastics as well as the characterisation, properties and performance of products obtained from plastic materials.

Our specialists gather all the available information about the product or process that is object to the expert report, from the own enterprise and related technical information. These data are used to prepare a documentary study.

Afterwards, all necessary tests and analyses are carried out in the AIMPLAS laboratories, which have the largest range of ENAC accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17025 in the plastics industry in Spain.

The process will finish with the publication of the detailed expert report including conclusions.