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AIMPLAS has three different ways for you to search for suppliers and manufacturers:

  • Publish what you are looking for in the Observatorio del Plástico to reach over 3,500 companies. Fill in the form hereThis service is free.
  • Get a list of companies by searching in our internal database. This is a generic list filtered and segmented by sector, subject, product or process*. This service costs 200 € and is free for AIMPLAS members.
  • Ask for our personal assistance service to do an in-depth search into specific companies, materials, products and technologies. This service offers a customised filter to cater for your specific needs*. Ask for a no obligation quote.
  • Ask associations of the sector that can help you due to its activity and field. Plastic materials and products: ANAIP, AVEP. Bioplastics and biodegradable products: ASOBIOCOM, EUROPEAN BIOPLASTICS.

The lists provided will only contain the information strictly permitted under the General Data Protection Law.

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