Technical assistance

Do you need assistance with legislation and regulations?

Does your product need to be more sustainable?

Do you want to know why your product has failed?

Do you want to optimize your manufacturing process?

Many companies today need short-term solutions. To solve these issues, we have redoubled our efforts to provide technical assistance to companies, so we can address the problems affecting their processes, materials and finished products.

Companies often face the challenges of reducing costs and manufacturing times, optimizing design and recovering waste. We offer our expertise and know-how to provide them with solutions.

In addition, legislation on materials and plastic products is subject to constant review and change, with compliance representing a huge challenge for companies. Clients also have demands and requirements that need to be satisfied, and in many cases, it is essential to have legal support.

AIMPLAS can handle all your technical problems and technology issues. Tell us your needs and our technical experts will offer the best solution.

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