AIMPLAS provides solutions to the main problems facing recycling and environmental companies

Process improvement

Elimination of odours and contaminants

Recycled plastic in contact with food

Recycled plastic in contact with food

Our solutions for the recycling sector

Improvement of the recycling process and/or the material obtained

  • Selective sorting of complex materials: mixed waste, mixed plastics, very dirty plastics, thermoset plastics, tyres, etc.
  • Reduction and reuse of manufacturing scrap and rejects.
  • Optimization of recycling processes and the properties of recycled plastic.
  • Sustainability of plastic processes and products: recyclability, carbon footprint, ecodesign, ecoindicators, life cycle analysis.
  • Improving the properties of recycled plastic through additivation and compounding.
  • Search for new applications for recycled plastics (automotive, construction industries, etc.).

Elimination of odours and contaminants

  • Decontamination of recycled plastics to remove hazardous substances and odours through additivation and supercritical CO2.

Use of recycled plastic in food contact applications

  • Compliance with legislation on recycling products used for food contact, both in the authorisation process and in the development of products based on the use of functional barriers.
  • Training workshops on the use of recycled plastic in food contact applications.

Compliance with regulations and legislation

  • Control and characterization of recycled raw materials (fluidity index, density, impurities…).
  • Audit on the use of recycled material.
  • Advice on compliance with product legislation on the use of recycled material.
  • Environmental impact assessment (Carbon footprint, LCA).
  • Ecolabelling of recycled products (e.g. Blue Angel, Distintiu de Garantia Qualitat Ambiental).

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Our projects



Obtaining high-quality methylal from non-recyclable plastic waste via an improved Catalytic Hydro-Gasification Plasma(CHGP) process



New approaches for the recovery and transformation of urban bulky waste into high added value recycled products



Study of recyclability of printed or laminated plastic packaging films using supercritical CO2 technologies

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