Automotive and transport

AIMPLAS provides solutions to the main problems facing automotive and transport companies.

Environmental impact

Vehicle weight and CO2 emissions

Emissions and odours inside vehicles

Advanced materials

More efficient and more sustainable processes

Quality, functionality and zero defects

Our solutions

Minimizing environmental impact

  • Ecodesign to develop products that are easy to recycle, and product recyclability studies.
  • Inclusion and compatibility of recycled plastic materials.
  • Development of new polymer matrices based on biomaterials.
  • Development of plastics with fillers and natural fibre reinforcements.
  • Environmental impact assessment (Carbon footprint, LCA).

Reducing vehicle weight and CO2 emissions

  • Replacement of metal parts with plastic parts.
  • Development of lightweight composites with robust mechanical properties.
  • Nano-coatings that help reduce the weight of cars.

Reduction of emissions and odours

  • Control and characterization of volatile and semi-volatile compounds (analysis of VOCs, fogging, formaldehyde and odour).
  • Reduction of volatile and semi-volatile compounds by means of additivation and CO2 extraction processes.

Development of materials with advanced properties

  • Ultra-hydrophobic coatings that are self-cleaning or have an anti-icing effect.
  • Fire-resistant materials and smoke dampers.
  • Development of materials with electrical conductivity, suitable for electrostatic painting.
  • Materials with electromagnetic shielding properties to prevent interference.
  • Parts that have thermal conductivity properties and contribute to more efficient and more comfortable air conditioning with lower consumption.
  • Scratch-resistant materials for dashboards, interior door trims, etc.
  • Integrating electronic components into plastic materials (Plastronics): flexible electronics and in-mould electronics.
  • Development of dissimilar material systems (polymer-metal or two different kinds of polymers).

Process improvement and optimization

  • Development of fast-curing systems in composites: microwave, UV.
  • Optimization of the pultrusion process, combining the forming, coating and finishing processes into a single step, thus considerably reducing the number of manufacturing stages and lowering the emissions of gases and particles to obtain high-quality coated composites.
  • Improvement of plating processes to make them more sustainable, cheaper and safer for human health by eliminating the use of chromium (VI).
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing: new materials for printing and manufacture of short or customized production runs.

Technical advice and problem solving

  • Analysis and testing according to car manufacturers’ specifications: accreditation of laboratories and Volvo and Volkswagen approvals.
  • Control and characterization of plastics in the automotive industry: identification and quantification of additives and fillers, ageing, climate tests, mechanical properties, surface properties…
  • Advice on the causes of failure, breakage, and malfunctioning.
  • Enhanced properties by combining polymers, additivation and/or polymer modification and processing conditions.
  • Technical reports for arbitration and expert reports.

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Integrating engineering processing and materials technologies for the European automotive sector



Obtaining fibres by melt-spinning from compostable biopolymers for their application in car interiors

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