Development of advanced technologies for plastics and polymers

Research, development and innovation are key elements to ensure that industry progresses towards an efficient, sustainable economy in terms of the consumption of resources and energy, and of low CO2 emissions.

In AIMPLAS, we work together with companies to improve the competitiveness of their manufacturing processes and help them to obtain high added-value products, thus complementing their scientific and industrial knowledge.

Our challenge is to reduce the environmental impact of industry through the entire value chain. To achieve this, we foster the use of low CO2 emission technologies, improve manufacturing systems to make them more sustainable, and integrate renewable energy sources.

In short, we promote the use of advanced technologies and manufacturing systems, and the transfer of knowledge to companies to make the ‘Factory of the Future’ a reality.

advanced technologies

Advanced technologies

  • Dispersion and rheology of mixtures.
  • Processing of thermoplastic materials with continuous fibres.
  • Development of advanced curing systems in composites.
  • Reactive extrusion.
  • Foaming of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials.
  • Non-adhesive bonding technologies for dissimilar materials.
  • Multifunctional structures and hybrid materials.
  • Functional printing.
  • Additive manufacturing.
  • Plastronics.

Other lines of research

Ferran Martí

R&D Manager