Sustainable and recycled materials

In the last years, the plastics sector has made significant effort to achieve a greater sustainability and seek solutions to reduce the environmental impact of plastic, mainly by means of recycling and bioplastics. 

AIMPLAS has over 15 years of experience on research in bioplastics

Bioplastics are another alternative to traditional plastics, which are awakening the researchers’ interest due to the need for more sustainable solutions and to the wealth of application possibilities.

AIMPLAS, with over 15 years of experience in bioplastics, works in this research line where we can differentiate two main areas:

  • Plastics and reinforcements from renewable sources
  • Biodegradable plastics

There are many applications sectors of these new materials:

Packaging: development of new packages in which food protects food, such as juice bottles from sugars from wastewaters coming from the manufacturing of fruit juices or packages for bakery from bread wastes.
Improvement of properties of plastic packages: increase of the shelf life of the packaged product, resistance to high temperatures (microwaves), biodegrading packages, etc.

Agriculture: development of biodegradable materials for films used in greenhouse coverings, stake ropes for the cultivation of plants and pipes or traps avoiding the generation of plagues. The aim is to ease the farmer’s tasks and avoid the work and removal costs of certain cultivation elements when the shelf life has ended.

Automotive: biocomposites from natural fibres; coatings of inner parts of means of transport from renewable sources and recyclable, too; more fire-resistant biomaterials from flax and hemp for inner parts of trains.

Electric-electronic sector: casings for electronic devices from agricultural wastes.

Household goods: biodegradable hangers.

Pyrotechnics: biodegradable plastic rockets.

Construction: bioplastics from wood fibres.

Naval sector: use of natural fibres in ships.

Energy: use of natural fibres in solar panels.

Aeronautics: materials based on renewable sources (soya resin, flax and hemp fibres).