Additives to improve the life cycle of plastics

Plastic products have to resist processing conditions and external agents during their shelf life. Combinations of additives like antioxidants, heat stabilisers, anti-hydrolysis, acid scavengers and UV filters are crucial to avoid premature degradation in plastics and to ensure good product performance and appearance.

Our solutions

AIMPLAS has developed solutions to protect plastics from external agents based on:

  • Correct additive selection.
  • Appropriate combination of additives.
  • Masterbatch production of the selected additives.
  • Correct dispersion in the polymer matrix.

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Technical advice and assistance

AIMPLAS can help you to:

  • Improve the thermal resistance of plastics.
  • Protect technical polymers from hydrolysis.
  • Modify thermal stabilisation of PVC.
  • Develop anti-UV systems.
  • Work with natural antioxidants.
  • Protect colorants from UV radiation.
  • Upscale compounding for industrial production machines.

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